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Linda Goetz Holmes
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Memory of the Lost

The galloping ghost of the Java Coast,
Silently moving through the night.
Hidden in the darkness,
On a mission, 
To stop the invaders. 
Valiant, but doomed in their fight.
Out numbered, out manned, out gunned.
The push onward in the darkness,
To a fate already sealed.
De Ruyter, Exeter, Peary, Parrott and Pope -
Together in tandem. 
Picked off one by one.
Cutting the night like a knife
The red sun rising  conquering.
Long lance  the end comes quick,
From below. From above.
Mercy on the dead,
The March remains for those who survive.
Those that are lost, will not be forgotten
And the ones that survive shall endure
Michael J. Tricarico, Jr.
copyright 2001
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"Memory of The Lost" was submitted by Michael Tricarico, who is a self described naval history buff. He is a 30 year old apprentice architect in Watervliet, NY. He works for a large archetectural and engineering firm. He enjoys reading, especially history. He likes to cook and he is writing a murder mystery novel.

The story of the Houston was shared with him once on a visit to see the museum ship, USS Slater (DE-766) in Albany, NY. With Growing interest, he read a book on the history of the US navy. The nickname "the Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast" has echoed in his head for years, and he finally put pen to paper.

He feels the valiant effort by those brave men of the ABDA fleet, should be an example of what our nation stands for. Even though they were over powered, they never gave up. True Heroes each and everyone.

Michael is single and says he leads a pretty dull life in upstate NY.

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