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FEATURE: The Story of Ensign Weiler's Ring

Photo adapted from the Sept, 2000 issue of "Shipmate" and the 1939, "Lucky Bag",by Chris Wright.
Photo above by Chris Wright
Click HERE for the Adobe 'Acrobat File.
The amazing story of how a nephew of a young officer lost in the battle, was able to track down his uncle's lost class ring, and the even more amazing story of how it was recovered in an island battle months after his death.
Ens. Weiler's photo from the Yearbook "Shipmate".






Medal of Honor
Captain Albert H. Rooks and Capt. H.M.L.Waller of HMAS Perth, were both fatally wounded in this, their final battle. Only about 1/3 of the crew of each ship survived. The medal of honor was awarded for battle action in support of troop ships in the weeks prior to The Battle of The Java Sea and the subsequent final battle for the Houston and Perth, in Sunda Strait.

The Fate of the Survivors

The Survivors became slave labor to the Japanese on The Railway of Death and The Bridge on The River Kwai. Learn more as you browse the information on this site.


The USS Houston CA-30 Survivors' Association and Next Generations organization welcomes any questions. Email from here.



or learn more about the HMAS Perth here

The Asiatic Fleet

American and Allied Fleets, Ships and Their Fate

Above is Feb 4 photo of air attack on DeReuter (R) and Houston (L). USS Marblehead, in same action was damaged so badly she was sent back to CONUS for repairs. See HERE and HERE, for more about the Marblehead. Links from Ray Kester, Pres. Asiatic Fleet.

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