50th Anniversary - McCluskey

Asia Now & Lost Battalion Memorial 5-3-94

Battle of the Java Sea-Dutch production 140 minute Provided in USA by Grade-A Productions. A documentary with interviews from all nations involved in The Battle of The Java Sea Buy it HERE, or call 1-800-431-1579

Bridge on the River Kwai - full length movie. Oscars galore for this 1958 movie.  It was taken out after dozens of air raids by US Army Air Corps bombers (not by a sapper team lead by supposed USS Houston survivor (William Holden). A bit melodramatic and prisoners with a bit too much fat on their bones, but somewhat accurate and historic other than the bridge was NOT blown by the prisoners or a sabotage team at all.

Burma Railway - Railway of Death - Eyes of Texas

Calling Australia & Otto Schwarz talk on PM Magazine

Deadly Crossing

Death Becomes The Ghost-Grade-A Productions, Sparta, NJ 100 minutes. A documentary as told by survivors of the USS Houston and the 131st Field Artillery Buy it HERE, or call 1-800-431-1579

Dive on the USS Houston - March 1_ 2002 - Brad Gife and Patrick Fortier

Dive on USS Houston - March 1_ 2002 - Phone link with divers to survivors

Forsman, M. L. (Gus) - Interview 9-18-90

Forsman,M.L. - Interview of POW experience Aug 1993

Forsman, M.L. - Purple Heart presentation

George Brown Room & Rentz Launching and USS Houston SSN 713 Launching

Hekking, Dr_Henri

Lost Battalion Memorial 5-3-94 & KITV_ KGMB_ PBS - Asia Now_

Lost Battalion Memorial Dedication-Honolulu_ Hawaii May 1994

Memorial Service - San Antonio and Wreath Laying - Sunda Strait

Memorial Service 2000

Monkeys In Uniform (Australia) Part I & II

Navy Marine Corps News - March 2000

Penhollow, Jack - Interview on Dutch TV_ Feb. 27_ 1997

Perth Service - Sunda Strait_ Dive on Perth/The New Ship

PM Magazine - Thailand

Reed, Ray at Midway High School - Waco_ Texas 1990

Rentz Launching & George Brown Room & USS Houston SSN 713 Launching

Roberts, Valdon S. - Purple Heart KEYE Witness News

Schwarz, Otto talk on PM Magazine & Calling Australia

Schwarz, Otto TV Interview (2 tapes)

Song of Survival (1985) 50 years of Silence

The Story of the USS Houston & the POW Experiences

The True Story of the Bridge on the River Kwai (History Channel) - Available from The History Channel. This two hour documentary takes the fluff out of the melodrama movie and gives the real inside story.  Note: The prisoners DID NOT whistle as they went to work as slaves on the railroad.  Highly recommended by the Houston Survivors as an accurate presentation.

The Warbirds of Sussex

To End All Wars (movie) - Starring Keifer Sutherland, this powerful and profound explosive war film is based on an amazing true story. Captured by the Japanese, a group of courageous soldiers are forced to build the infamous "Railway of Death" between Thailand and Burma during the height of WW II. But the intense battles come from within each prisoner who must face his own personal struggle for freedom, survival and hope in the face of inhumanity.

USS Houston (CA-30) - The Galloping Ghost

USS Houston Memorial Services 1996 - 2001

USS Houston Presentation at Naval Reserve Center Nov. 19_ 1988

USS Houston Silver Service Presentation

USS Houston SSN 713 Launching - Good Morning America/Navy News & George Brown Room & Rentz launching

USS Houston Veteran's Day - Meadows Elementary - Lacy_ WA

VJ Commemorations (50th Anniversary) - Britian

Wilker, Max - 2001

Wilkinson, Gene (received May 2002)

Wilkinson_ Gene Part II (received May 2002)

Wreath Laying - Sunda Strait & Memorial Service - San Antonio

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