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A biography of Admiral Thomas C. Hart

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The fall of Singapore

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Hilarious look at “the lighter side of Changi”.

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A gripping account of the hardships of British POW’s slaving in the dopper mines at Kinkaseki Formosa.

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An excellent account of the first few months of WWII.  Java Sea Battle in great detail, with list of Houston crew (by states) and their known status at the time.

BATTLE STATIONS:  William H. Wise & Co.  1945.  Photographic history of Navy in WWII.  Good pictures of interest to Houston survivors and NOK

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CRUISE OF THE LANIKAI:  Kemp Tolley; Naval Institute Press 1973.  An interesting argument that we “incited” the Japanese into the war.

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ONE AUSTRALIAN’S STORY: Roy “Slim” Kent Booth Printing

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SANDAKAN - “THE LAST MARCH”:  Don Wall 1989.  The story of some 2,000 POW’s, mostly Australian, who were sent to Borneo to build an airfield.  Only three survived the worse atrocity of the Japanese toward POW’s.  Three Houston sailors were in Boreno & two of them are in photos in the book.

SEA BATTLES - IN CLOSE UP:  Eric Grove;  Haval Institued Press 1993.   WWII, Volume 2 has many pages and good p hotographs of the Java Sea Battle.

SHIPS OF THE PANAMA CANAL:  James L. Shaw; Naval Institued Press 1985.   Great photos of ships that passed through the canal, including CA-30

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THE CAMPAIGNS OF THE PACIFIC WAR:  U.S. Strategis Bombing Survey, Naval Analysis Division; Government Printing Office 1946.  For the real history buff, full of drawings, ships names & statistics.

THE CASE OF GENERAL YAMASHITA:  A. Frank Reel; Octagon Books 1971.  The story of the conviction of the Japanese General

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THEIR LAST TENKO:  James Home - Quoin Publishing 1989.  The story of British capture in Java and sent to Ambonia.

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WORLD WAR II AT SEA: Colin McIntyre; Mallard Press 1990.  Has write up and photo’s of Java Sea Battle

YOU’LL DIE IN SINGAPORE: Charles McCormac; Pan Books 1967

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