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(last known photos of USS Edsall and USS Langley) Edsall Took survivors off Langley and was later lost 'without a trace' ... much more to this story if you follow it.


"The Ghost that Died in Sunda Strait"
Walter Winslow
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(lost without a trace) HERE
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Photo Acquired by John Bradford (Australia). John's source for the photograph of USS Houston (at anchor in Darwin) was the wife of the late Ron Beard who saw action while a member of HMAS Warrego’s No. 1 forward gun during the aborted convoy to Koepang and the Darwin air raid.  He left Warrego in December 1942. 

"I'm sure you would find the attached photo of Houston of considerable historical interest - fair takes the breath away. I got it from a fellow who was in Darwin on the day of the raid and it was one of his collection. I'd never seen the pic. before and I'm presuming it was taken from one of the troopships carrying the Australian contingent when they returned to Darwin on 18 February. Given how I came by it, it cannot be anything but
genuine. Perhaps not the most clear of photos, but you can see some of the crew onboard."
John Bradford : VIsit John's
website HERE and learn more about the HMAS Perth.

I've been sent a set of photographs taken from the sloop HMAS Warrego while she was in Darwin early 1942.They contain one of the Houston, (close and good quality - above) another of the USS Langley (distant, and therefore not such good quality - below). Houston apparently removed the top of the mainmast during the campaign.  Was this so as to reduce her line of sight range to the horizon for the enemy? The widow of one of Warrego's crew was the source, and her son has OK'd me to pass them on to you.  

MORE NOTES FROM HMAS PERTH WEBMASTER: The number of 'hits' on my website via the Houston website is building quite steadily, but I'm no closer to resolving where Pike of the USS Peary enlisted/hailed from.. The way I see it, the USS Peary section is the best means I have of ever getting that note James Pike wrote to his next-of-kin!It would make a such a lovely story if it can be done. Last year I submitted an article to WWII magazine on USS Houston/Rooks/HMAS Perth/Waller a much expanded and more fully researched version of what appears on the Perth page.   I'd upped it from 3000 words to 4500 words at their request, only to be then sent the standard 'it doesn't meet our needs' reject slip. A pity, for if nothing else I pride myself on presenting NEW  material not a re-hash of previous offerings.  It's such a shame I have to put it on ice until I can find a proper commercial outlet..

Best wishes
John Bradford
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In Night Action, Sunda Strait, Feb 28, 1942. USS Houston steamed to her death in a desperate attack with HMAS Perth against an entire Japanese Battle Fleet. It was over by 12:40 AM March 1

Presidential Proclamation
March 1, 2002. HERE.



Photo of Memorial in Houston, Texas by Capt. Carter Conlin Naval Order of The United States . The Monument is located in Sam Houston Park, 1100 Bagby, Downtown Houston. Visit NOUS, HERE.


In September 1942 in the South Atlantic ocean, my ship, the AMERICAN LEADER, was attacked and sunk by a German auxiliary cruiser. Forty-seven survivors were rescued and taken prisoner. Four weeks later we were transferred to a German supply ship bound for Japan. Her first port of call was Batavia, Java, where we were turned over to the Japanese. Eventually, we met a number of the HOUSTON crew, one of whom, Leo Callahan, came from Woburn, Massachusetts which is just a few miles from my hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts! So, I have known the HOUSTON story longer than anyone - except for her men.
Capt. George Duffy's POW Page
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