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USS Houston CA-30 Items for Sale

Bell Lapel Pin-$3.00

(Shipping weight-1-6 pins-1oz.)

Bumper Sticker-$2.00

(Shipping weight-1-3-1oz.)

Blue Cap-$15.00

(Shipping weight-10oz.)

Brown Cap-$5.00

(Shipping Weight-10oz.)

Challenge Coin-$10.00

(Shipping weight-3oz.)

DVD-The Last Stand of USS Houston

(Shipping weight-8oz.)

Memorial Lapel Pin-$3.00

(Shipping Weight-1-6 pins-1oz.)

Notecards of the Ship (pkg of 10)-$10.00

(Shipping weight-10oz.)

Ship Lapel Pin-choose gold or silver-$4.00 each

(Shipping Weight-1-3-1oz)

Ship of Ghosts: The Story of the USS Houston, FDR's Legendary Lost Cruiser and the Epic Saga of Her Survivors-autographed by the author-James D. Hornfischer (Hardcover)-$30.00

Sorry, out of stock (Shipping weight-36 oz.)

T-Shirt-(S-L)-$20.00; (2X-3X)-$25.00

Size Medium Shirts currently on Sale for $10

(Shipping weight-9oz.)

Polo Shirts - Short Sleeve, Navy Blue with Gold Embroidery of the USS Houston:
Men's - sizes M-2XL-$25.00
Women's - sizes S-XL-$25.00

(Shipping Weight-10oz.)

Power Point DVD-Survivors of Sunda Strait-$10.00-Proceeds to Scholarship Fund

(Shipping Weight-4oz.)

Brown & Black Ball Cap - 2nd Generation-$5.00

(Shipping Weight-10oz.)


Special Purchase-Ladies Lined Windbreaker Jacket with CA-30 Logo-$50.00

Sizes: XS, L or XL

(Shipping Weight-1lb 8oz.)

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